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Cheapest countries in world to buy narcotics

Cheapest countries in world to buy narcotics

Cheapest countries in world to buy narcotics

May 23rd, 2018 | ASAH Team

With the cost of maintaining drug-seeking habits becoming more expensive, a new report by Bloomberg has come out with a list of countries where one can find both inexpensive legal and illegal substances. The ranking of the countries was determined based on the share of income needed to maintain the weekly habit of cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. While European country Luxembourg, where narcotics cost less than 10 percent of the $2,071 average weekly wage, topped the list, Switzerland, Iceland, the Bahamas and France emerged as the other frontrunners.

Last year, the expense of sustaining drugs, booze and cigarettes became a lot more costly in the United States, spending 54 percent of weekly pay or $617 on substances. Reportedly, Americans now spend over $200 more on the consumption of substances. It was ranked 38th in terms of affordability in the list of 75 countries. On the contrary, an average Ukrainian spends 13 times his or her weekly salary on the same amount of drugs and alcohol. Some of the other costliest countries include Pakistan, Nepal and Burkina Faso.

Key findings of Bloomberg Index

The cost of maintaining drug-seeking behaviors ran less than $100 in 21 mostly tropical countries, including the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Congo, Colombia, South Africa, Guatemala, Kenya and Myanmar. The total weekly cost of spiked $1,000 in only three countries – Japan, New Zealand and Australia.  The growing popularity of the online purchase and sale of drugs anonymously using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is likely to make further changes in the drug market. Since virtual shopping does not create a trail like banking, it appeals to many drug traders.

Due to the decline in the prices of drugs, alcohol and tobacco, the costs fell by over $200 from the last year in Iran, Norway and South Korea. Since the cost of living differs in each country, the cost of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs was calculated as a percentage of a country’s average weekly income. Therefore, the prices of alcohol and tobacco is more of a reflection of the local taxes. As per Bloomberg, the measurement is only an economic indicator, and not a verdict about the morality of the country. Furthermore, it does not track betting, prostitution or any other unlawful activities.

Some of the major difficulties witnessed at the time of collecting data on illegal trade of substances made the overall comparison more difficult. In order to ensure accuracy, the researchers did not include the countries with missing data. However, this year Bloomberg has attempted to determine the size of the “shadow drug economy” by calculating the total retail value of the seized narcotics. Being produced locally, it further found that the cannabis market is more competitive compared to cocaine and opioids that require adequate expertise for illegal trafficking from one to another country. Since cocaine and opioid business is conducted by a few drug cartels, it is comparatively more concentrated than the cannabis market.

Recovery road map

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), over 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from issues related to drugs and alcohol. Over 240 million are struggling with alcoholism and 1 billion people smoke cigarettes worldwide. However, any addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed. Research shows that combining addiction treatment medicines with behavioral therapy ensures the best chance of recovery.

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