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About Arizona Substance abuse Helpline

It is not easy to deal with substance abuse, no matter what the drugs are. Whether it is alcohol, marijuana, opioids or any substance for that matter, harm is bound to befall you today or tomorrow. What might have started as a teenage fun or occasional indulgence or a getaway from stress or emotional trauma, might have gradually clung to your mind and body. Just as all causes of dependency lie within you, their solutions are within you as well. The Arizona Substance Abuse Helpline understands that the process of recovery might need a little assistance. We are a dedicated helpline to supply information, advice and help on substance abuse treatment to anyone who seeks it. Our team of professionally trained employees can answer any queries and concerns on substance abuse and related treatments. They can help you find the most reliable recovery programs near your area. You can connect with us through our live chats in the website or call us to take the first step toward an addiction-free life.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Sobriety can seem to be unattainable for those immersed in the vicious circle of addiction. But, recovery is never out of reach as the right treatment options can make the change happen. Since each substance has different effects on both the mind and body, any effective treatment must have an impact on both.
A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in treating substance abuse, so an individual’s history of drug abuse, and the severity and impact of the drug on his or her health and personal traits should be considered while devising a treatment plan. On arrival at the treatment center, a patient is subjected to a complete evaluation of his mental and physical condition. Detoxification and medically managed withdrawal is generally the first stage of treatment. Since detoxification focuses on physiological healing after a long-term drug addiction, medicines can be prescribed to ease the process. However, psychological, social and behavioral problems that usually co-occur with substance abuse can be easily managed by therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapies, motivational interviewing, etc. Even alternative treatments like regular exercise, medication, yoga and support groups are now an integral part of a composite recovery plan.

An important component of a legitimate recovery center is to apply a continuum of care approach where the patient is supported from the time of diagnosis to after-care plans. It is important to instill in a patient that sobriety can be adopted as a permanent lifestyle choice.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Arizona

How We Help To Others


Being able to identify if a loved one has an inclination toward substance abuse is important to seek immediate medical help. Only a proper clinical assessment can provide a suitable treatment plan for a long-lasting recovery. Learn more about substance abuse and its symptoms to determine if you or a loved one needs curative interventions to fight addiction.


Detox is the first step toward a comprehensive substance abuse recovery process. Detox allows the body to get rid of all the toxins and safely manages the physical symptoms of withdrawal. Consult a member of our team to get more information on detoxification and find a good detox program near you.


Several proven therapies can aid in the recovery process. Behavioral therapies help to engage people during their treatment cycle, support them to understand the reasons and consequences of addiction and increase their life skills to abstain from substance abuse. Contact our representatives now to know more about such therapies that aid in the recovery process.

Please Read Our Testimonial

All we can say is a “thank you” for letting us in the lives of many who thought they could fight addiction and get sobriety. We knew that all of them were not less than a fighter and all we did was to support them in winning the battle against substance abuse. Their appreciation keeps us going in our effort to lend a helping hand to those who want to get addiction-free. Highlighted below are some testimonials from our very beloved clients:

They gave me the best treatment program and I cannot thank them enough. Today I am more than what I was yesterday and I am proud of it.
- Robert D
Alcohol became a way of life and then I was introduced to the best treatment facility. I am no more an alcoholic, all thanks to them.
- Jenny T

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